Crown Thinning

Trees that have been left unattended for too long, getting very large and overwhelming in the process, do not always need to be felled and removed completely from an environment. There are key tree surgery methods that can be used to control and manage your trees.

Crown reduction, reduces the overall spread and size of the tree.

Crown thinning, opens up and ‘thins out’ the canopy to increase the amount of light that passes through.

Crown lifting, raises the canopy level of the tree exposing the trunk more.

All the above options can be used individually or combined to prolong the life of your trees, as well as for aesthetic purposes.

We will check for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and Conservation Areas, to confirm if there needs to be an application to local authorities undertake the work

C R WILSON & CO Tree Surgeons are fully qualified to NPTC standards and able to assist and advice you with professional advice, while keeping your personal requirements in mind. Please contact us with your queries.